Should You Whiten Your Teeth before Dental Bonding?

Should You Whiten Your Teeth before Dental Bonding?

Aug 05, 2022

Everyone desires a beautiful smile to help them appear younger and attractive. However, if you are not happy with how your teeth appear, cosmetic dental procedures can help you improve them. One treatment available in cosmetic dentist near me is teeth whitening, and the other is to seek dental bonding. You can have your teeth whitened and bonded during the same appointment with the dentist near you because both procedures are conservative and relatively fast.

Dental Bonding

A popular process to improve the appearance of cosmetic dental concerns with your teeth is dental bonding. Bonding your front teeth is recommended by dentists because they are the most visible. Bonding your teeth helps fix many cosmetic issues such as gaps between your teeth, chips and cracks, discolored teeth, and misshapen teeth. In addition, many people use dental bonding to hide decayed and damaged teeth.

You can have minor dental imperfections covered by getting dental bonding near you from the dentist nearby because treatment requires approximately 30 to 60 minutes per tooth. However, some appointments may require more time depending on the extent of the procedure. When getting dental bonding, the dentist applies composite resin matched to the shade of your teeth and molds it to the desired shape. After the resin hardens, the dentist shapes and polishes it to match your remaining teeth.

Dental bonding in Smithtown, NY, is affordable, costing merely $ 300-$ 600 per tooth and lasting you are about a decade with proper dental hygiene. Unfortunately, the composite resin is not-stain resistant or durable like veneers making it prone to chipping and cracking.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure many people seek to brighten the brightness of their discolored teeth. Your teeth can discolor for various reasons with foods and beverages, besides lifestyle habits like smoking contributing to the staining. Some people also develop stains on their teeth from injuries, infections, and medications during childhood. Dentists can remove external and internal stains on the teeth by providing in-office teeth whitening treatments or at-home teeth whitening trays to lighten the shade of your teeth.

If you desire instant and dramatic results, you must opt for in-office teeth whitening from the dentist because you can achieve the desired results and complete your appointment with the dentist in approximately 90 minutes. In-office teeth whitening will likely cost you $ 650 to give you the smile of your dreams, making them brighter by three to eight shades.

When getting teeth whitening treatments, the dentist uses hydrogen peroxide on your teeth to bleach them after giving you a dental cleaning to ensure you are not affected by any dental infections. The treatment provides results lasting from six months to three years, depending on your dental hygiene. However, if getting teeth whitening, you must refrain from staining foods and beverages, quit smoking, and maintain excellent dental hygiene practices.

Is Whitening Your Teeth before Getting Dental Bonding Better?

If you consider a smile makeover and decide to get dental bonding and teeth whitening together, your dentist recommends that you have your teeth whitened before getting them bonded. The reason for the recommendation is that the dentist matches the color of the composite resin of the bonding procedure to the shade of your teeth. Therefore, if you have discolored teeth, the composite resin used during the bonding procedure matches your teeth’ color, leaving you with stained teeth.

However, if you decide to whiten your teeth before dental bonding, the whitening helps remove existing stains on your teeth, giving them a brighter appearance. After completing the whitening treatment, your dentist matches the color of the composite resin with the shade of your teeth to ensure you are satisfied with the results.

Whether you have teeth whitening and dental bonding during one appointment or schedule separate appointments, you must understand you will probably defeat the purpose of getting your teeth bonded if you decide to address cosmetic concerns before teeth whitening near you.

Therefore if you want a smile makeover, you must consider whitening your teeth before getting dental bonding. In addition, you must make every effort to keep your teeth in brighter condition because the composite resin will start appearing different as your teeth begin accumulating stains after teeth whitening treatments. Discoloration of your teeth is an ongoing process. It is best controlled by limiting or avoiding staining foods and beverages and caring for your teeth appropriately by brushing twice daily, flossing once, and receiving dental prophylaxis twice a year.

If you want a smile makeover, we recommend receiving the treatment from Joseph B Pantaleo, DDS, providing these remedies in their practice. You also receive comprehensive instructions from the dental office on caring for your whitened and bonded teeth to ensure you display the results for long.

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