Preventive Dentistry in Smithtown, NY

Preventive Dentistry in Smithtown, NY

At Dr. Joe’s, nothing is more important to us than keeping your natural teeth as healthy as possible. If there’s damage, decay, or loss of a tooth, then we have the means to deal with that damage or replace a tooth with a bridge, dentures, or dental implants smithtown. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean we should neglect our natural teeth.

At Dr. Joe’s in Smithtown, NY, we have a variety of methods to preserve your teeth. These methods range from advice to preventive procedures now and then. Preventive procedures are done to healthy teeth that don’t suffer from diseases or those that suffer from mild conditions. Other dental procedures are done to treat a dental problem. Our dentist has been offering preventive dentistry procedures in Smithtown, NY to residents of Port Jefferson Station, Dix Hills, Deer Park, Mid Island, North Shore, South Shore, Northport, the Hamptons, Bay Shore, North Massapequa, East Quogue, Huntington, and Commack for years.

Preventive Advice

If you want to keep your teeth in their best possible state, you need to brush them twice a day. That’s advice you should get from any dentist you go to. Flossing is also essential and should be done at least once a day.

You should visit a dentist 11787 every six months, so twice a year. While visits to the dentist might not be something you look forward to, they’re necessary. During these checkups, your dentist in Smithtown, NY will make sure everything is okay and perform cleanings to remove any build-up of plaque or tartar.

At Dr. Joe’s, we try to make the atmosphere easy-going and comfortable for our clients. We believe this leads to better outcomes and higher patient satisfaction.


There are some procedures we can do to prevent dental disease. For example, we can perform fluoride treatments in Smithtown, NY now and then to strengthen teeth and halt any decay. Fluoride treatments are applied using a brush, mouth rinse, or using a tray that is placed over the teeth for a little bit during the visit.

We can also strengthen inherently weak teeth. If a tooth has a cavity, we can use fillings to provide structural support to that tooth and keep it from deteriorating further. Yes, the disease has occurred, but the tooth can be saved and kept that way for many years. It might never need replacement if taken care of properly.

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