Dental Bonding in Smithtown, NY

Dental Bonding in Smithtown, NY

Some solutions for repairing cracked or broken teeth can be expensive and out of reach financially for some people suffering from dental problems. Fortunately, some affordable solutions also exist for improving the condition of teeth. Dental bonding can fix teeth in a short amount of time to repair patients’ smiles.

What Dental Bonding Can Do

Dentists use dental adhesives for many reasons:

  • Securing crowns and bridges in place
  • Repairing broken teeth when the broken part is available
  • Repairing cracks in teeth
  • Closing the gap between teeth
  • “Gluing” veneers to teeth

Our dentist 11787 at Dr. Joe’s has many years of experience using dental bonding to make our patients’ teeth look better and prevent cracked teeth from breaking apart. They can also repair chips or breaks in teeth when the broken pieces are not available.

Does Dental Insurance Cover Bonding?

Usually, when a dentist in Smithtown, NY, performs a cosmetic procedure, dental insurance doesn’t cover the costs. Since it can be considered cosmetic, insurance policies may not cover bonding procedures. However, if the bonding takes place to save a tooth, then your insurance policy may pay for it.

Don’t let expenses stop you from getting a repair on your teeth because they are important to your overall health. Your teeth help you chew healthy foods, be able to speak correctly, and they can affect your looks. They can also affect the health of the rest of your teeth.

A cracked tooth that completely breaks may need an extraction, which can leave a hole where a tooth was rooted. Over time, the other teeth can shift toward the gap, causing them to tilt, which can damage them and lead to problems chewing food. This necessitates the need for dental bonding in Smithtown, NY.

What Materials are in Dental Adhesives

Most of the adhesives that our dentist Smithtown, NY, uses for bonding procedures are composite resins. They are durable, and their color is similar to tooth enamel, so the work blends in and looks natural. If you need tooth repairs, contact us at Dr Joseph B. Pantaleo to have our experienced dentist evaluate them to see if dental bonding can improve how they look and function.

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