Missing Teeth Cause Oral and Overall Health Problems: Replace Them with Dental Implants

Missing Teeth Cause Oral and Overall Health Problems: Replace Them with Dental Implants

Sep 01, 2021

Is there anything more challenging than confronting oral and overall health problems because you have one or several missing teeth in your mouth? The lost teeth also make you look older than you are because of the sagging of your face. You may not think much about the couple of teeth missing in your mouth. However, if you weigh the downsides of having gaps between your teeth, you will realize why it is essential to get dental implants in Smithtown and find freedom from the effects of tooth loss.

Loss of teeth doesn’t just impact your appearance but also hamper bodily functions by disallowing you to chew food when eating, leading to problems with your digestion. In addition, the gaps between your teeth become breeding grounds for food particles and bacteria to accumulate, causing dental infections with the potential to spread to other parts of your body. You may visit the dentist near me to determine which replacement option is best for your specific needs. The dentist undoubtedly confirms dental implants are the best solutions available to correct the problems affecting you and provide additional benefits.

If you have become self-conscious because of the missing teeth and are scared to show off your smile, you will find dental implants near me an option to regain your smile back for aesthetic purposes. Replacing your missing teeth will also boost your self-esteem, making it easier for you to begin socializing all over again as you did earlier.

What Is the Procedure to Get Dental Implants?

Would you mind not assuming you can get dental implants over-the-counter to place them in the vacant gaps in your mouth? First, you must visit the dental office near smithtown to understand whether you are a candidate for this natural-looking tooth replacement solution helping you prevent oral, overall, and aesthetic issues with a single solution to replace your teeth.

When you visit the dentist Smithtown, NY, they evaluate your oral and physical health. The evaluation also considers the health of your jawbone and its density. If you are deficient in the above, you require treatments to correct the situation before having dental implants to replace missing teeth.

The dental implant placement procedure is completed in one visit requires plenty of healing time spanning over six to nine months, and you can receive your artificial teeth only after you have fully recovered from the implant placement surgery. Although dentists provide you with a temporary replacement, you cannot have your natural-looking and appearing artificial tooth until the recovery process is over. Besides the above, the dentist requests you to remain committed to the dental implant process by giving up certain detrimental habits harmful for your teeth, overall health, and dental implants Smithtown.

What If You Are Suitable for Dental Implants?

If you are suitable for replacing teeth with dental implants, your dentist schedules an appointment for your procedure, giving you information about the kind of anesthesia you can have besides any other information beneficial for you following the placement. Local anesthesia is generally sufficient for implant placements. However, if you are incredibly anxious about dental visits, you can request more robust anesthesia happily provided by the dentist 11787.

On the day of your procedure, the dentist begins your dental implant placement by first giving you the anesthetic chosen in the area of the missing tooth or teeth. Next, incisions made into your gums help the dentist drill your jawbone to place the titanium dental implant deep into your jawbone to function as an artificial tooth. Finally, the dentist completes the implant placement surgery by closing the wound with sutures and providing instructions on managing the placement during your recovery.

You will undoubtedly experience some discomfort from the surgical procedure. However, there is no need for you to worry because dentists are aware of these matters and provide you medications to manage the discomfort. In addition, you must allow osseointegration, the process where the titanium implant integrates with your jawbone to become part of your body. You must also visit your dentist regularly process of progress and for dental checkups.

After completion of osseointegration, the dentist attaches an abutment over the implant in another surgery. You must wait for another two weeks for the abutment to stabilize over the implant, after which you can have your permanent artificial teeth in your mouth. Dentists also take impressions of your mouth to create your customized dental crown from porcelain during the healing period.

During your final visit to the Smithtown dentist, you can have your artificial tooth placed over the abutment to get your artificial teeth looking natural and appearing beautiful ready for display to everyone around you. Implant placements eliminate all your concerns helping you begin life afresh with your artificial teeth.


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