Invisalign Treatment: Who Is It For and How to Care for Them

Invisalign Treatment: Who Is It For and How to Care for Them

Aug 18, 2020

If you invest in Invisalign, you will have to commit to sticking to the provider’s instructions. After each dental visit, you will own a new set of aligners, given to you that you must wear daily for a minimum of 20 hours a day.

If you follow this plan, keep your aligners clean, and continue with the check-ups without missing a single one, your aligners will comfortably and carefully restore your bite and teeth at a faster rate leaving you with a beautiful new smile.

Although clear aligners relieve the wearer of the discomfort that is associated with the wires and brackets found in traditional braces, it might hurt a bit during your first installation. Invisalign is designed to move different teeth at different periods, so when each aligner shifts, it will cause you discomfort.

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Why It’s Important to Clean Your Aligners

Since patients are required to wear clear aligners for more than 20 hours in a day, its cleanliness is critical if you want to maintain your oral health and your aligner’s integrity.

An Invisalign dentist near you will tell you not to drink or eat anything with your aligners on. The reason behind this is that food particles will stain or discolor your invisible trays, making them visible. More so, if by any chance the particles get trapped in between the teeth and the trays, plaque and bacteria may thrive leading to dental cavities and enamel erosion.

It is, therefore, of importance that you rinse your aligners and your teeth before and after every meal. In addition, dentist Smithtown, NY will also give you guidelines on how to clean the trays and what products you should and should not use in the cleaning.

Why Invisalign Treatment May Not Be Perfect for You

If you have had the misfortune of having a misaligned smile and perhaps your teeth are also stained, chipped, or discolored, other cosmetic dentist near me procedures such as porcelain veneers may give you better and satisfying results than Invisalign. This is because these additional procedures can correct more than one defect at a time.

How Long is the Treatment Plan?

A typical treatment plan for Invisalign may take about a year before it’s complete. For some people, this time will be shorter and for others, more prolonged.

The time duration will vary because it depends on how well the patient’s teeth are responding to the aligners and the patient’s dedication to wearing them. Upon completion of the treatment, one will have to wear teeth retainers. The retainers help to maintain your teeth’s new position and bite.

The Difference Between Invisalign and Metal Braces

Traditional braces and Invisalign have the same function, and that is, to straighten teeth and improve oral health. Their main difference is how each of them achieves this set of functions. Your dental office near Smithtown will help you know which plan is best for you according to your preferences and needs.

Metal braces: Use of traditional braces, means gluing of metal brackets to your teeth’s enamel, and the wires maneuvered in between them to help shape and mold your teeth with time. Sometimes, the wires are made to match with your enamel making them less noticeable. If you are in sports, however, you may want to reconsider this option because you can easily damage your tissues if it comes into contact with the metal.

Invisalign: Invisalign is for people who want to straighten their teeth discretely. It uses a series of invisible plastic trays that are BPA-free to gradually and subtly move teeth. The plastic of this kind is comfortable and smooth, making it an easy task to wear the trays. With Invisalign, 3D images of the patient’s dental are used to configure the trays where they fit right.

Benefits of Clear Aligners

  • Comfort – Invisalign treatment is more comfortable than traditional braces because there is zero usage of metal brackets. The brackets are known to cause sores in the wearer’s mouth.
  • Appearance – The invisibility of Invisalign trays makes it preferable by most people.
  • Removable – This property allows you to eat the food of your choice without worrying about food getting stuck.
  • Cleaning – The transparent aligner’s cleaning system makes it easier to clean the trays, thus promoting ideal oral health.

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