Interesting Facts You Should Know About Endodontic Treatment

Interesting Facts You Should Know About Endodontic Treatment

Oct 20, 2020

The thought of losing any of your permanent teeth is enough to strike fear even in the hearts of the bravest individuals. This is not something anyone looks forward to because it feels like you are parting ways with something that has been part of your life for the longest time ever.

It is true that there are instances when undergoing a dental extraction is the only solution, mainly if the tooth in question cannot be salvaged. However, you do not have to undergo an extraction unless it is the last resort.

Thanks to endodontics in Smithtown, NY, your natural tooth can be salvaged and kept functioning for as long as possible. Our Dentist in Smithtown, Dr.Joseph B. Pantaleo, who offers endodontics treatment near you, believes that all your teeth are unique and, as such irreplaceable.

This is why in our dental office near Smithtown, we emphasize to our clients the importance of maintaining and salvaging their natural teeth as long as is possible. This is because we believe there is never a replacement that will feel and function seamlessly like your natural tooth.

Understanding Endodontic Treatment

The hollow region within your tooth contains the dental pulp, which contains the soft tissue and is responsible for keeping your tooth nourished and alive. At times, dental pulp within a tooth can get infected due to dental issues such as decay, trauma, or fractures.

This is when endodontics treatment near you comes in handy. Endodontic treatment is also referred to as root canal treatment, and it focuses on treating the soft tissues within your dental pulp.

Endodontic treatment aims to eradicate the infection within the dental pulp, which, if left unchecked, could lead to unnecessary pain and even future reinfection.

When Should You Seek Endodontic Treatment?

Endodontic treatment becomes a necessity when your dental pulp becomes inflamed or infected. These symptoms can help indicate whether you do need to visit our Smithtown dentist for endodontic treatment near you.

Here are some of the indications:

  • If you experience any swelling
  • If your tooth becomes discolored or has a dark hue
  • If you are experiencing intense or severe tooth pain or discomfort
  • If you are experiencing any tenderness or swelling on your lymph nodes, jaw bone area, or gingival tissues
  • If you are experiencing any tenderness on your gum, particularly when you chew
  • If you have persistent or extensive tooth sensitivity

All the above symptoms can point towards you having an infection within the root canal. If ignored, the infection may lead to the formation of an abscessed tooth, which is a painful and life-threatening dental condition.

How Is Endodontic Treatment (Root Canal Therapy) Performed?

This endodontic procedure is ideally executed within two dental visits. Before the process is done, our dentist Smithtown, NY, will examine the affected tooth, take some X-rays to see the infection’s extent, diagnose, and present you with your treatment options.

If you are a right candidate for root canal therapy based on the diagnosis, then the procedure will begin.

Step 1: An Opening Is Made

Local anesthesia is administered, and the affected tooth is isolated using a thin rubber dam. A small opening will be drilled through your tooth’s chewing surface to grant access to the dental pulp.

Step 2: Removing the Damaged Pulp and Disinfecting the Root Canal

The damaged or infected pulp is then removed, after which the space left behind is cleaned out and disinfected thoroughly.

Step 3: Filling and Sealing  

The disinfected space will then be enlarged and shaped before being filled and sealed using a material known as gutta-percha. Our endodontist Smithtown will then place a temporary seal on the opening made earlier on to cover it temporarily.

Step 4: Restorative Crown

This is the final step within this procedure. Our dentist 11787 will use a crown to reinforce the tooth and restore its functionality. Over time, the tooth may become brittle and may break or fracture if not reinforced using a dental crown.

The tooth tends to become brittle because it no longer receives nourishment from the pulp. Once the crown is placed on your tooth, it will be restored to normal. Your tooth should feel and function like it should naturally.

At Joseph B Pantaleo DDS, we are all about maintaining and saving your natural teeth. If you reside within Smithtown or its surrounding areas such as Huntington and Commack, you can contact us today for endodontic treatment.

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