How Can You Improve Your Smile with Orthodontics?

How Can You Improve Your Smile with Orthodontics?

Mar 01, 2022

Numerous adults in the US and globally are tired of looking self-conscious when they smile because of crooked and misaligned teeth. For unknown reasons, people think they mustn’t visit orthodontists because the specialists deal exclusively with children. If you are encountering a similar issue, you must start thinking differently and believe orthodontics can indeed help you improve your smile.

If you have an uneven or asymmetrical smile, it can result from the spacing of your teeth or alignment. You find it challenging to ignore overlapping teeth and other issues that are a constant problem when you try to smile. Fortunately, there are multiple treatments and procedures that help fix these issues. However, you must get over your thinking and decide to visit the dental office near Smithtown, seeking treatment from an orthodontist if you wish to improve your smile.

Orthodontist Vs. Dentist: What’s the Difference?

Dentists and orthodontists are both specialists in dentistry and manage different specialties. However, orthodontists are specialists in correcting problems with your teeth and jaw, while dentists concentrate on general treatments people may need. Many dentists also provide orthodontic treatments, although they do not specialize in the particular area. However, when dentists notice a complicated situation, they refer people to an orthodontist Smithtown and work with them to provide appropriate treatment.

Benefits of Orthodontics

Studies reveal that when you receive treatment from orthodontics near you to straighten teeth with braces, you reduce your risks of tooth decay and gum disease. Would you like to understand why? Crooked and misaligned teeth are challenging to clean than straighter teeth. Brushing and flossing them becomes more effortless and lowers the risks of teeth breaking. With crooked teeth, you find it challenging to get the floss between the teeth. These problems can result in plaque remaining on your teeth and eroding tooth enamel. In addition, the uneven pressure on crooked teeth when biting or chewing can result in tooth fractures or breaks. When matters related to the health of your teeth are concerned, an optimal way of keeping them healthy is to straighten them.

Studies also reveal that getting braces at any age is possible. Adults can benefit from orthodontics because it improves their success and confidence. Endless benefits accrue from adult orthodontics if you decide to receive this life-changing therapy.

Orthodontics doesn’t merely change the appearance of your smile. When you receive this therapy, the treatment improves your bite function to have a beneficial effect on your everyday life. The enhanced bite function reduces wear and tear on certain teeth, making you less vulnerable to temporomandibular joint disorders.

Types of Orthodontic Treatments

Orthodontic treatments are not limited to metal brackets, wires, and bands like they were earlier. Although the treatments are still available, you have a choice of choosing between different types of orthodontic appliances when you visit orthodontics in Smithtown, NY.

You may receive the traditional braces described earlier or opt for ceramic braces that remain nearly invisible in your mouth or even have customized treatments with colored wires and bands in your mouth. However, if you want to make your braces invisible, you can consider lingual braces attached to the lingual surfaces of your teeth remaining hidden in your mouth while functioning effectively to straighten teeth.

Orthodontics near you can even provide transparent clear aligners made from dental-grade plastic if you want to straighten teeth discreetly without having any metal in your mouth. The treatment is comfortable and different from traditional orthodontics. The clear aligners are not attached to your teeth and a removable for eating and maintaining proper oral hygiene. However, they are suitable if you have mild to moderate situations of malocclusion and are unsuitable for complicated cases. Therefore if you are determined to straighten your teeth and get rid of the dental problems affecting you, the orthodontic appliance shouldn’t matter. Whether you have traditional braces or transparent aligners, you achieve your goal of having straighter teeth and a beautiful smile as you complete the treatment.

The dental office near Smithtown provides you with comprehensive orthodontic treatment to overcome all problems concerning you while also straightening your teeth and improving the appearance of your smile. Therefore, when seeking treatment from this facility, do not concentrate on your smile and consider all the other issues they treat by providing various orthodontic treatments.

If you intend to improve your smile and your dental health, you must seek help from Joseph B Pantaleo, DDS, to benefit from the treatment provided by this professional.

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