Dental Veneers: Pros and Cons

Dental Veneers: Pros and Cons

Dec 01, 2021

Dental veneers are an excellent dental treatment to hide various imperfections with your teeth that prevent you from smiling. Veneers are ideal if you have intrinsic stains challenging to bleach with teeth whitening treatments. Veneers near you also help fix tiny chips, cracks, and breaks in your teeth, making them look uneven and ungainly. Finally, if you have minor gaps between your teeth and are reluctant to undergo orthodontic treatment, veneers help resolve the problem couple of visits to the dentist provide them, making them appear like the gaps never existed.

The description about veneers can encourage you to visit veneers in Smithtown, NY, to find a solution for your teeth if they are affected by the imperfections described. However, even as you visit the Smithtown dentist, prepare yourself to hear about the dental veneer process and the pros and cons associated with them before you decide on having them over your teeth.

Although veneers are an excellent remedy for the imperfections described, the Smithtown dentist provides you with a comprehensive view of the benefits and downsides of these cosmetic restorations capable of giving you the Hollywood smile.

What Is the Procedure for Getting Veneers over the Teeth?

The procedure for getting dental veneers on your teeth requires at least three appointments with the dentist in Smithtown, NY, for preparing your teeth and getting your placements customized in a dental laboratory. You must also endure some discomfort as local anesthesia is administered by the dentist when preparing your teeth, especially if you have selected traditional veneers made from porcelain. You must also endure temporary veneers over your teeth until your customized placements are returned by the dental laboratory. However, when you get the final veneers bonded to your teeth, you will notice all imperfections in no way from prying eyes, leaving you with a beautiful smile you will be proud to show off. Therefore if you want to have these placements over your teeth, prepare yourself for the procedure beforehand by making all inquiries with the dentist Smithtown, NY.

The Pros and Cons of Dental Veneers

If you have selected traditional veneers made from porcelain to hide your dental flaws, you must also have information on the pros and cons of these placements. The data will help you decide whether they are appropriate for your needs, or you must consider alternatives that are also available.


Dental veneers made from porcelain are incredibly durable and will remain in your mouth for 15 years or more with proper dental hygiene.

Porcelain veneers are stain-resistant and will not discolor when you have pigmented foods or beverages, leaving you with a gleaming smile at all times.

Traditional veneers are affordable than dental crowns because they last longer and don’t need replacements every five to ten years. However, if you prefer orthodontic treatment to close the gaps between your teeth, you must endure the therapy for three years or more at the cost of over $ 5000. However, dental veneers provide you with an affordable solution to hide the gap using a treatment available from cosmetic dentistry in a couple of visits to their office.

Veneers are beneficial than other cosmetic treatments to hide dental flaws because dentists customize the placements to match your remaining teeth, making them inconspicuous in your mouth. Therefore no one will realize you have artificial placements over your teeth to display a smile everyone is envious of.


The most significant disadvantage of traditional dental veneers is the price of the placement, costing nearly $ 2500 for the surface.

The traditional veneer process is reversible after you undergo the enamel removal procedure during the preparatory stage. Your tooth enamel doesn’t have any mechanism to regenerate, making traditional dental veneers a permanent requirement over your teeth. Sometime later, if you decide not to have them any longer, you don’t have an option to replace them with any alternative. You must continue having additional porcelain veneers over your teeth getting replacements from your dentist 11787.

The enamel removal process makes your teeth sensitive to hot and cold temperatures because the veneer does not have the thickness to act as a barrier between your teeth and the foods you have.

Veneers are prone to chipping and cracking if you are accustomed to mouth-related habits like biting your fingernails, ice, or hard foods with the treated tooth. Therefore you must exercise caution to ensure you give up these habits or at least refrain from them after you get your teeth repaired with dental veneers.

After discussing with the Smithtown dentist, you can determine which option is best suited for your needs. If you think the traditional dental veneer process is enduring to manage the contest alternatives from the dentist, they will provide to satisfy your unique requirements.

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